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Main Conference programme /
Programa de la Conferencia Principal

This is a list of the oral and poster papers that were actually presented at the conference.

Esta es una lista de las presentaciones orales y los trabajos en formato poster que efectivamente se presentaron en la conferencia.


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Day 1: Wednesday January 5 / Día 1: Miércoles 5 de enero

Opening keynote Clive Ruggles Pushing back the frontiers or still running around the same circles? ‘Interpretative archaeoastronomy’ thirty years on
Invited keynote Stephen McCluskey The two cultures of archaeoastronomy and the history of science
Theory Stanisław Iwaniszewski The sky as a social field
Invited keynote Gary Urton What can the study of astronomy contribute to anthropology? An Andean perspective
South America Alejandro López Palabras nuevas para viejos cielos: formas recientes del discurso cosmológico entre aborígenes del Chaco argentino
  Cecilia Gómez Juventud y vejez de Dapi´chi (Pléyades): las heladas, los claveles del aire y los guerreros
  Priscila Faulhaber Ticuna knowledge, worecü stars and sky movements
Aust– ralia Dianne Johnson Interpretations of the Pleiades in Australian Aboriginal astronomies
  Duane Hamacher
and Ray Norris
Australian Aboriginal astronomy: transient celestial phenomena


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Day 2: Thursday January 6 / Día 2: Jueves 6 de enero

Invited student keynote Ricardo Moyano Astronomía sub-tropical en los Andes Meridionales
South America José Pino Matos La organización espacial—calendárica y los observatorios astronómicos de Tambokancha-Zurite y Huánuco Pampa, dos asentamientos Inka como centro de Paisajes Sagrados en los Andes Centrales
  James Farmer Machu Picchu and the Milky Way: astronomy, ritual and imperial strategy in the Inka heartland
  Juan Belmonte
and Josep Barba
Can nature align? The enigma of Moxos´ Lagoons, astronomy and landscape in south-western Amazonia
  Manuel Arturo Contributions to the study of the Muisca calendar

The 2012 phenomenon: Maya calendar, astronomy, and apocalypticism in the worlds of scholarship and global popular culture
Session organised by John Carlson and Mark van Stone

2012/ Maya John Carlson and Mark van Stone Introduction to the session
Mark Van Stone It’s not the End of the World: emic evidence for local diversity in the Maya Long Count
Carl Calloway Cosmogony and prophecy: Maya Era Day cosmology in the context of the 2012 prophecy
John Carlson Lord of the Maya Creations on his Jaguar throne: the eternal return of Elder Brother God L to preside over the 2012 transformation
Michael Grofe Measuring Deep Time: the sidereal year and the tropical year in Maya Inscriptions
Barbara MacLeod The God’s Grand Costume Ball: a Classic Maya prophecy for the close of the thirteenth Bak'tun


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Day 3: Friday January 7 / Día 3: Viernes 7 de enero

Invited keynote Edmundo Edwards The Polynesian ritual cycle of activities and their archaeological markers in Eastern Polynesia
South America Krzysztof Makowski Watching the sky from the ushnu: the sukanka-like summit temple in Pueblo Viejo-Pucara (Lurin Valley, Peru)


  • The Puruchuco excursion occupied the remainder of this day.


Day 4: Saturday January 8 / Día 4: Sábado 8 de enero

Asia David Pankenier Cosmic capitals and numinous precincts in early China
  Stephen Renshaw Historical changes in the celebration of seasonally based holidays and festivals in Japan: a study in cultural adaptation
  Goto Akira A preliminary report on archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy in the Ryukyu Islands
  S. Komonjinda et al. The sun and 15 doorways of Phanom rung (Thailand)
  Mario Friscia “Navagraha” worship: Hindu rituals for the planetary deities in the Suryanar Temple (Tamil Nadu, India). An ethnomusicological perspectivey
  Marcello Ranieri The nexus between sky and land in pre-hispanic American cultures: the role of geometry and numbers

Archaeoastronomy of the Casma Valley, Peru. Session organised by Robert Benfer

Casma Valley Robert Benfer Introduction to the session
Ivan Ghezzi and
Clive Ruggles
The social and ritual context of astronomical observations at Chankillo, Casma, Peru
Kim Malville Chankillo: solar axis, lunar ritual, and shamanic transformation
Robert Benfer and Larry Adkins Early quartz mines and other effigy mounds in the valleys of Casma and Chillón, Peru
Larry Adkins and Robert Benfer Stellar alignments in the Late Preceramic in the Casma Valley of Peru
Peter Fuchs and Bernard Lorenz Solstice alignments in different occupation phases at Sechín Bajo


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Day 5: Sunday January 9 / Día 5: Domingo 9 de enero

Invited keynote John Steele Astronomy and culture in Late Babylonian Uruk
Arabic astronomy Flora Vafea Predicting the crescent visibility with a modified astrolabe in Arabic Astronomy of X–XI centuries AD
Europe Efrosyni Boutsikas and Robert Hannah Ritual and the cosmos: astronomy and myth in the Athenian Acropolis
  Nicholas Campion
and Kim Malville
Archaeoastronomical research at the University of Wales, Lampeter
  César González-García and Lourdes Costa-Ferrer Diachronic study of orientations: Merida, a case study
  Gail Higginbottom
and Andrew Smith
Revealing regional cultural connections within Scotland
North America Andrew Munro and Kim Malville Ancestors and the sun: astronomy, architecture and culture at Chaco Canyon
  Gregory Munson Legacy documentation: using historical resources in your cultural astronomy project
Invited com– mentary Johanna Broda Commentary and discussion
Dissem– ination Rüdiger Schultz Portal to the heritage of astronomy


  • The ISAAC General Meeting took place at 17.45, following the conclusion of the Main Conference.
  • The main conference excursion to the Casma valley and Chankillo took place on Monday January 10 – Tuesday January 11.
  • The Regional Meeting took place on Wednesday January 12 – Friday January 14.


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Poster papers / Trabajos en formato poster

Sarita Kendall, Rocio Perdomo, Marelvi Laureano and Casimiro Ahue   Ethnoastronomy and education in the Colombian Amazon
Victor Alves Alencar   Teaching archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy for Brazilian students from basic school
Jules Soares, Leandro Kerber, Flávia de Mello and Romualdo Lisboa   Resgatando o céu através do diálogo entre a cultura científica e humanística
Lía Celinda Acosta, Gustavo Diaz Martin and Olga Pintado   Una propuesta para la enseñanza de la astronomia: el recurso de la arqueoastronomia
Rundsthen de Nader, Cintia Jales and Maura Imazio da Silveira   Visions of the Pindorama sky
David Johnson   Astronomy, water sources, and religion
Rita Fink   Astronomical identity of the Inca god-creator
Kim Malville and Gary Ziegler   Choquequirao, Topa Inca’s Machu Picchu: comparing two royal estates of the Inca
Barthélémy d´Ans and Manuel Aguirre-Morales   Límites geográficos y astronómicos del Tahuantinsuyo
Alfio Pinasco   Con el sol, la luna y las estrellas: arqueoastronomia en Pachacamac
Juan Pablo Villanueva   Cuentas calendáricas en el Tawantinsuyo: una visión desde la Provincia Inca costeña de Pachacámac
Jorge Ianiszewski Rojas   Observación de los lunasticios en las culturas precolombinas
Carlota Pereyra Rey   Peña horadada de lima: descubriendo su valor arqueoastronómico
Marcello Ranieri and Milton Rojas Gamarra   Machu Picchu: geometries, numbers and length-unit
Doris Vickers and Rüdiger Schultz   Ancient Skies: human cultures and their skies
Ben Adams   Arab celestial complexes from the Pleiades to Canopus
J.O. Urama, P. Eze-Uzomaka, F. Chami, J.K. Obatala and C. Opata   Traditional rites and their celestial alignments in parts of south-eastern Nigeria
Manuel Pérez Gutiérrez, David Bea Castaño, Jordi Diloli Fons y Samuel Sardà Seuma   Astronomía, cultura y paisaje en la Edad del Hierro en la Cuenca del Ebro
Georg Zotti and Wolfgang Neubauer   The astronomy of Kreisgrabenanlagen (neolithic circular ditch systems): an interdisciplinary approach
Chance Coughenour   Did Maya commoners build astronomically oriented architectural assemblages? Ritual site design in the suburban community of Chawak
Paola González Carvajal and Javier Tamblay Sepúlveda   Calendarios y Yanantín: simetrías de rotación y reflexión y diagramas espacio-temporales en América
Ray Norris and Duane Hamacher   The astronomy of Aboriginal Australians: more than ceremony


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